October 26, 2016

Event Transportation Ambassador Application

Greetings! GPTLS is a transportation management company, specializing in event shuttle programs and VIP transfers. We work with some of the most exciting events in Las Vegas.

We provide a friendly, smooth and safe experience for all event transportation services. Our on-site staff work directly with attendees and drivers to ensure all transportation goals are met.  

This is an event-by-event opportunity, paid hourly.  If you’re friendly, outgoing and thrive in a fast paced environment, please complete the form below.

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*A minimum age of 18 is required for this position.


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Disclaimer -By submitting this form, I hereby certify that the above information, to the best of my knowledge, is correct. I understand that falsification of this information may prevent me from being hired or lead to my dismissal if hired. I also provide consent for former employers to be contacted regarding work records.

All applicants who can perform the required essential functions of the position will receive consideration.